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Group Benefits Overview

In today's workforce, a competitive benefits program helps to attract and retain qualified employees and is a key component of tax effective employee compensation.

Employee benefits are designed to meet a wide variety of employee needs, from financial protection in the event of death or disability to covering their family’s health and dental bills.

Some of these events can be anticipated and budgeted for, like routine visits to the dentist and pharmacy bills. Others cannot – illness and accident are often unpredictable and the benefit costs associated with them can be substantial.

Belton Boisselle's programs allow you to look at these risks and costs and cover them with the best elements available in the group insurance market today.

Group Benefits Offerings
- Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
- Dependent Life & Optional Life
- Group Critical Illness Insurance
- Short & Long-Term Disability
- Extended Health, Vision, Dental
- Health Spending Accounts (HSA)
- Employee & Family Assistance Plans (EFAP)
- Cost-Plus Programs
- Second Opinion Health Services
- Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
- Insured, Non-Refund, Refund Plans
- Administrative Services Only (ASO) Plans
- Third Party Administration (TPA)
- Executive Medicals
- Special Risk Insurance (Kidnap & Ransom)

Our Experience

Working with a team of professionals that have over 30 years experience in the employee benefits marketplace provides you with confidence knowing that your plan is being managed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

With the move towards specialization in the group benefits field, if you are working with a generalist or directly with the insurer, rather than with a professional organization dedicated to group benefits, this could be costing your company and your employees significantly more both in dollars and potential claim shortfalls.  

An Employer's Perspective

As business owners ourselves, we think like consumers. Our team members also have an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for ways to improve on existing ideas.

Independent & Unbiased

Belton Boisselle Ltd. is an independent company and no insurer owns any interest in our organization. We have access to the entire insurance marketplace to ensure the most competitive pricing and features for our clients.


Simple, Effective Communication

We use a variety of techniques such as wellness committees, focus groups, custom communication pieces, Benefits at A Glance statements, and employee surveys to create a sense of employee pride and ownership in your benefit plans.  Rather than using complicated insurance jargon to simply confuse plan members, we speak in plain language and tailor our communication efforts to the unique style and culture of your company or organization connecting team members to your plan!

Plan Member Warranty

With any plan, no matter how well conceived or executed, employees and/or employers are bound to run into problems. In these challenging times, we shine; taking the lead to ensure that both you and the plan member understand what is happening and why, how we are going to fix it, and what are the next steps to get the problem resolved efficiently, quickly and without litigation. From claim form confusion to dental dilemmas, unexpected illness to complex or straightforward long-term disability claims – we are your advocates!

Transition & Implementation

Choosing to use the services of Belton Boisselle Benefits & Pensions will provide your organization with more tools, resources and input to effectively administer your plan, but will not require a 180 degree shift in the way your plan is managed. We take on the majority of the work associated with any plan audit and in most cases are able to deliver savings and efficiencies to your plan without ever having to change providers. Our goal is to reduce the effort required on your part to oversee your overall benefits program allowing you to focus on what you do best.

In the case where a change in provider is warranted, we manage the transition from start to finish through a detailed timeline and implementation plan.   


Advisor Compensation Disclosure

We charge industry standard servicing fees which are typically built into the premiums you pay the insurer. In the case of Group Retirement Programs, fees are charged based on the plan’s aggregate assets, deposits, or a combination of both.

Our compensation and fees are fully disclosed to you.

The Self-Funded (ASO) Advantage

Claims that occur most frequently in a benefit program are for medical and dental costs. Being more predictable, it can be argued that for health, dental, and even short term disability benefits, the “insurance” component is very small – one is only paying a fee to an insurance company to administer, adjudicate and pay the claims. Using a "self-funded" (ASO) model for these claims, employers can save on the expense costs payable under an insured program and control the funding of these claims.

Though the majority of health claims are routine, individuals can develop severe medical conditions and become high claimers. Balancing risk and cost, employers can protect themselves from high health care costs by purchasing Stop Loss coverage.

A properly structured "self-funded" health and dental program with appropriate "stop-loss" coverage for catastrophic claims can provide an organization with significantly lower administrative costs, greater flexibility and control over their benefits plan.

Integrated Solutions - The Elite™ Suite

We understand the advantages of both group and individual products and how to effectively position and integrate these plans to fit the unique needs of your members. We often say that a group plan is like painting with a "roller", you cover a lot of area at a low cost, however some plan members are left with gaps in their coverage. Individual disability and critical illness plans that are integrated with the group coverage is like paiting with a "brush", you can fill in the gaps, get a little more creative and properly cover all the area needed with a more precise approach.

Executive Benefits

As incorporated business owners, we know the advantages of tax effective business structures as well as the challenges these arrangements create in group settings. We specialize in unique corporate structures and professionals who are compensated in a number of different ways which may include T4 income, dividends, spousal splitting, trusts, bonuses etc.

Our role is to ensure that these structures are understood, documented, properly outlined to the insurer and written into the contract.