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Belton BoiselleWe work with your team and our suppliers to create unique solutions to fit the needs of your organization and its plan participants.

We then develop communication material based on your company’s culture and help you distribute that information to your employees to create member pride and ownership.

Our group benefits offering includes, but is not limted to the following services:

Bringing you new ideas

Unlike many Employee Benefit Advisors, we do not keep our good ideas only to attract new clients; we first share them with our existing client base. It's called being innovative and is a key part of our ongoing continuous improvement process.

Our clients come to expect new ideas and approaches from our team and that's probably one of the big reason's we have so many 20+ year relationships.

Technical expertise

"Knowing your stuff" is generally a basic requirement when it comes to group benefits, however with the move towards specialization in this field, you would be surprised how many issues are uncovered throughout our plan audit process. Saying that you "Know Benefits" and actually bringing clever and innovation ideas to the table are two very different things. At Belton Boisselle Ltd., We Know Benefits.

Market surveys and negotiation

Win-Win-Win is probably one of the most over used phrases used when trying to describe how relationships between clients, their suppliers and their plan advisors should work in an ideal world. The truth is that in many of cases, the "Win" for one group is a much bigger "Win" than for the others and not everyone is on a level playing field. That's not right!

When we test the competitiveness of a current plan through an open market survey, we ensure that all parties have access to the same information and the playing field is level for everyone; which includes the incumbent provider. There are three legs to a stool for a reason and when one leg gets shorter, or longer than the others, the whole thing breaks down.

Financial reporting, renewal analysis & presentation

We use some of the industries most sophisticated tools to report ongoing plan information to you in a timely manner. Using simple language and presentation techniques, we make sure you understand what is happening to your plan and why?

Claims experience reports & benchmarking

Managing your claims experience and properly communicating this information to you throughout the year means little to no surprise at renewal time, plus the ability to proactively prepare for changes when required. In benchmarking your plan's experience versus comparative peers, we can determine whether or not your program is running within industry norms or outside of this range.

Plan member communication strategies

We use a variety of techniques such as wellness committees, focus groups, custom communication pieces, Benefits at A Glance statements, and employee surveys to create a sense of employee pride and ownership in your benefit plans.  Rather than using complicated insurance jargon to simply confuse plan members, we speak in plain language and tailor our communication efforts to the unique style and culture of your company or organization connecting team members to your plan!

Administrative audits & efficiency reviews

We review the administration of your programs to ensure the plan is set up in the most efficient and tax effective manner possible for both the company and your plan members. It sounds easy, however you would be surprised how often this step is overlooked.

If you can make your benefits dollars go further by planning a little in advance, we think you should invest the time!

We work with our suppliers and clients to streamline administration and ensure that every step is taken to maximize the tax effectiveness of each of our plans.

Disability intervention; return to work

With any plan, no matter how well conceived or executed, employees and/or employers are bound to run into problems. In these challenging times, we shine; taking the lead to ensure that both you and the plan member understand what is happening and why, how we are going to fix it, and what are the next steps to get the problem resolved efficiently, quickly and without litigation. Disability claims are our specialty having assited 100's of clients through his process.

Making your job easier

We are a high touch service provider but we never waste the time of our clients. We add to your human resource capability, enhancing your input and maximizing the effectiveness of your staff. We bring ideas to your team, but also take the time to learn why something may not have been of interest to you to ensure that future recommendations are both focused and appropriate for your organization.