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Why Work With Us

For over 30 years, our firm has been providing group benefit and retirement program consulting services to some of Western Canada’s most successful companies.

At Belton Boisselle Ltd., we become an integral part of your Human Resources team to make you shine! When you have a better understanding of the plan and can focus your efforts on what you do best, everyone looks good and your employees win too! 

We have worked for the insurers, with other brokers, for international consulting houses and as independents and selected our business model carefully. We understand the advantages of both group and individual products and how to effectively position and integrate these plans to fit the unique needs of your members. Find out what makes us different:

Communication is Key

We use a variety of techniques such as wellness committees, focus groups, custom communication pieces, Benefits at A Glance statements, and employee surveys to create a sense of employee pride and ownership in your benefit plans.  Rather than using complicated insurance jargon to simply confuse plan members, we speak in plain language and tailor our communication efforts to the unique style and culture of your company or organization connecting team members to your plan!

Understanding Your Culture

We work with you and your team to better understand the culture of your organization in order to properly develop a benefits strategy that fits the needs of your unique organization. By learning how communication flows within your company and then aligning your benefits philosophy with that our your organization, we end up with relevant and timely content that reinforces your message and is consistent for plan members.

Plan Member Warranty

With any plan, no matter how well conceived or executed, employees and/or employers are bound to run into problems. In these challenging times, we shine; taking the lead to ensure that both you and the plan member understand what is happening and why, how we are going to fix it, and what are the next steps to get the problem resolved efficiently, quickly and without litigation. From claim form confusion to dental dilemmas, unexpected illness to complex or straightforward long-term disability claims – we are your advocates!

Keeping Your Plan Cost Competitive

We negotiate the most competitive rates and expense charges on your behalf with long-term pricing sustainability as a key focus. Although we have access to the entire provider marketplace to ensure the most competitive pricing and features available, we are often able to deliver significant improvements without necessarily having to change providers.

Maximizing the Value From Your Insurer

You are paying for the services of your insurance provider, so why not promote what they offer to you and your employees? From online services for plan members, online claims submission, to administration technology and customer service centres, we help you leverage your plan provider to deliver top quality service and support complimentary to our firm’s initiatives and that of your own human resource and administrative personnel.

Services to Compliment What You Are Already Doing

We are a high touch service provider but we never waste the time of our clients. We add to your human resource capability, enhancing your input and maximizing the effectiveness of your staff. We bring ideas to your team, but also take the time to learn why something may not have been of interest to you to ensure that future recommendations are both focused and appropriate for your organization.

An Educated Client Makes A Great Client

By education, we are not looking to drag you into the insurance industry, but we do want to bring up your level of understanding to the point where you feel 100% secure in how your plan is being managed and completely confident when making decisions around your plan. The more you know, the more you will appreciate our input and advice, and the more efficiently changes can be implemented throughout your organization.

An Evolution Not A Revolution

Choosing to use the services of Belton Boisselle Benefits & Pensions will provide your organization with more tools, resources and input to effectively administer your plan, but will not require a 180 degree shift in the way your plan is managed. We take on the majority of the work associated with the plan audit ourselves and in most cases reduce the effort required on your part to oversee your overall benefits program.   

Independence & Integrity

We conduct our business with integrity and independence ensuring that the needs of our clients come first and the most appropriate solution is always presented.

Compensation Disclosure

We charge industry standard servicing fees which are typically built into the premiums you pay the insurer. In the case of Group Retirement Programs, fees are charged based on the plan’s aggregate assets, deposits, or a combination of both. Our compensation and fees are fully disclosed to you.