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In The Community

Belton Boisselle Ltd. believes in giving back. We are very proud to support a number of amazing organizations working with youth in our city and entrepreneurs abroad.

Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA) is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in the North End of Winnipeg, one of the city's most needy neighbourhoods. ICYA has been reaching out, supporting and empowering youth and their families in the inner city through services and programs since 1986. Vist their website for more information or to make a donation: www.icya.ca

iDE creates income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. At iDE, they work with farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs living in poor rural areas all over the world. With them, they invest in what’s possible. They empower them to develop their land, create new business and establish market-based economies. They help them to discover, develop and use new technologies to increase their incomes. Together, they cultivate communities through improved access to water for health and agriculture. Their productive water solutions create and increase both food production and incomes. And with innovative drinking water and sanitation technologies, they give rural households the basis for healthier and more dignified livelihoods. iDE empowers individuals to create a better future. For themselves. For their families. For generations. Vist their website for more information or to make a donation: www.ide-canada.org

MFWD is committed to the education and promotion of health, safety and wellness in  farming communities across Manitoba. It is their mission to see that agricultural  injuries and fatalities decrease as farmers increase their knowledge of safety  procedures and begin to create their own policies and safe practices. Safe farms  make for safer families. Through the use of motorized 1/16th scale farm machinery “showcases”, illustrated  displays and the sharing of personal stories, MFWD's volunteers demonstrate the  potential hazards associated with various farming equipment and situations. They  host workshops, give presentations and deliver resources by attending trade  shows, exhibitions and school events. They also provide emotional support to those  impacted by a farm injury or illness and encourage everyone to become active  members of their own communities. www.mfwd.ca