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The Infinity Plan™

Did you know that a 1% reduction in the Investment Mangement Fee charged to members in a Group Savings & Retirement Plan could mean as much as 20% more in retirement savings.

The Infinity Plan™ is a truly unique group savings program. With significantly lower investment fees than most individual plans, easy to select investment options and group buying power, our program offers participants a tremendous opportunity to maximize the value of their savings.

Contact us for more details to find out your INFINITY PLAN Advantage.

The Infinity Plan™ Advantages

For more information about the Infinity Plan advantages and what it offers to you and your employees, please contact our office directly.

Fees, Fees, Fees

How important are the fees charged on a retirement fund?

“Canadian investors do not pay much attention to fees. Canadian investors are comfortable with the fees because they don’t know how low they should actually be.”

Morningstar, Global Fund Investor Experience, May 2009

“Performance comes and goes, but costs are forever.”

“In mutual funds you don’t get what you pay for. You get what you don’t pay for”.

John C. Bogle, Creator of the first low fee index fund and Founder of The Vanguard Group, Inc.

 “Canadian consumers have not insisted on lower fees and the fund companies have set prices it feels it can get away with charging.”

Funds charge more because we will pay it, Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, Aug/2006

A 2010 survey of affluent Canadian investors found 47% incorrectly believed they paid no fees to manage their mutual funds.

November 2010 issue of CA Magazine