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Our Key Advantages

At Belton Boisselle Ltd., we have over 35 years of experience, specializing in employee benefits and group retirement plans, as well as corporate and individual risk management using life, disability, and critical illness insurance.

We are a client-focused organization that works with successful closely held businesses and professionals to maximize the value of their group and individual insurance & savings plans.

True Innovation

Belton Boisselle has been an innovator in the group benefits, group retirement and individual insurance marketplace for more than 30 years. We are constantly searching for new and better ways to help our clients add value to their existing programs. Not only do we bring original ideas to our suppliers to meet the unique needs of our clients, we are often at the forefront of this development and the first consultants approached to provide feedback on the most recent initiatives.


As a significant independent brokerage and consulting firm, we have access to the entire marketplace and are not affiliated with any one insurer. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate and effective solutions with the most competitive pricing and features regardless of the provider.

We Know Benefits

As group specialists, we have worked for the insurers, with other brokers, through joint ventures, and as independents, so we know our market very well.  What makes us truly unique is not just our strong group knowledge, but the fact that we also understand and appreciate the value of the individual product marketplace. This combined knowledge allows us to use the group as a core and customize with individual programs.

Custom Communication At no Additional cost

Over the years, we have developed and improved upon some of the most effective communication pieces and templates in the marketplace. By successfully breaking down complex issues into terms that are easily understood by all parties, not only do we help employees and executives better understand what they have, we also ensure that they appreciate the value of their programs.

Plan Member Warranty

Our company has been involved in the adjudication of hundreds of disability claims. Similar to many of the products and services you purchase, an insurance or risk management product is only effective if it does the job that it was intended to do. Our unique and very successful advocacy service is provided to clients without additional cost. We stand behind the solutions that we recommend and ensure that the policy wording and contract is adhered to and that a fair outcome is provided for our clients.

Members of your Advisory Team

We work in concert with your other professional advisors, including tax, legal and accounting, to ensure that our programs work smoothly and effectively with the goals we have agreed upon with your entire advisory team.  When everyone is on the same page, it makes for better understanding, greater confidence and more effective outcomes for our clients.