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Transition & Implementation

Deciding to change Group Benefit Advisors can seem like a big decision, however in reality it's actually quite simple to move forward.

Group contracts, even though they typically renew every year, are actually only 30 day contracts. Therefore, a client can change group benefit providers or cancel their plan with a minimum 30 days notice. Changing group benefit advisors does not even require 30 days notice and typically consists of a 3 - 10 day "cooling off" period to ensure the current advisor has not been replaced without proper disclosure to the client.

We do not move accounts simply for the sake of taking over the business or for incentive bonuses from the insurance company. Rather, we find that the majority of the plans we acquire actually stay with their current provider and very little additional administration is required.

Through our efficiency and plan design audits, custom communication strategy, negotiation with the insurer and compensation review, we are almost certain to save the company and your plan members money, enahnce the level of understand and buy-in from all parties and simplify the administration of your program.

Change is good, so embrace it. We know that you will be glad if you do. Below, we de-bunk some common transition & implementation myths:

Changing providers is an administrative hassle

We know that your time is valuable and therefore, should the need arise to change providers, we take the lead to ensure that you're not burdened with administration overload. With more than 30 years of group experience, we have developed a process from start to finish that makes changing providers seamless and straightforward.

The only way to change advisors is to change providers

As mentioned above, there is no need to change benefit or retirement providers if you simply want a new advisor. Advisors who tell you switching carriers is a requirement to do so likley have alterior motives. As long as there are no serious servicing or pricing issues, most of the groups that choose to work with our company vs.their current advisor stay with the same provider. 

Advisors move business to make more commission

While this can be true in some cases, Belton Boisselle would never recommend a change in providers simply to boost up our bonus or to earn transfer compensation. All of our plans are fully marketed and our presentations to you or your benefits committee highlight all of the costs associated with switching carriers, including re-enrolment, printing new booklets, re-establihment of reserves (for insured plans) etc. These costs are fully disclosed to you.

Do we have to re-enrol everyone?

Although most transitions will require some form of re-enrolment, based on the size of the company, as well as your current provider, often transfers can be made without re-enrolment.

My employees are going to be skeptical of a change

Some employers feel that if they make a change in providers their employees will think it's because the company is saving money in making the switch. Because group benefit plans are typically cost shared between the employees and the employer, a change in providers will likley produce a savings to both the company the plan members.

Belton Boisselle uses employee committees to make decisions around the plan and then communicates with employees throughout the entire transition process. Not only does this allow us to highlight the advantages of the new plan, it provides new and existing members with a comfort and confidence in the reasons for a plan transfer and makes for happier employees.